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August 30, 2008 by gracearivenbark
Next list! Best Heroes. Definition: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. These are the 25 Best Movie Heroes. Next will be 25 Best Movie Heroines. So, in honor of John McCain and Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill, here are bad-ass movie heroes who always save the day.

25. Hub- Christian Kane and Robert Duvall (Secondhand Lions): Why he's a great hero: You don't expect Secondhand Lions to be an exciting adventure when it features two ...
August 29, 2008 by gracearivenbark
I'm very happy today! McCain chose a great candidate and I'm really excited for her! This is going to be a great campaign and I'm eager to get this going! McCain-Palin '08! Anywho, today is lists, lists, lists. I'm in a mood and a frenzy on movie lists so that's what I'm doing again. First off, the 25 Best Villains!

25. Grocer- Dan Akroyd (from Grosse Pointe Blank): Why he's great: He's a relentless, assassin with sly dark humor and a great cackle who gets killed by a television to the he...
July 19, 2008 by gracearivenbark
Okay, so I started the 100 Greatest Movies of the Last 25 Years, but it was too long and tedious, so I deleted it. Instead, I'll stick to smaller, simpler lists. For most of my inspiration, I go to Empire Magazine Online or AOL for their lists and just do my own variation, because theirs kinda suck sometimes. Like, today I'm doing 25 Best Animated Movies. Here's AOL's opinion: 25. The Simpsons Movie, 24. Dumbo, 23. The Triplets of Belleville, 22. Lady and the Tramp, 21. The Nightmare Before Chri...
July 3, 2008 by gracearivenbark
I've decided to do another sexy list. This time is the 100 Hottest Hotties in film...ever. It's been difficult and God knows I've left off a few people, but hey, it's fun. I'll probably have to it in installments, it's so long, but it'll be worth it. It's formed a little stranfe, but bear with me.

50. Uma Thurman

50. Kevin Bacon

49. Julia Roberts

49. Clive Owen

48. Gabrielle Union

48. Chris O'Donnell

47. Neve Campbell

47. Joaquin Phoenix
June 30, 2008 by gracearivenbark
My first blog! I am terribly excited!Okay, not that excited. Thatd be weird. Well, today I'm feeling like talking about film. I've been looking at countdown lists by Empire magazine and Entertainment Weekly, and I decided to make my own today. I've decided upon the 50 Sexiest Performances in Modern Film. I've gone through the hundreds of films I've seen and finally chosen the 50 sexiest performances by actors in film in the last twenty-something years. Shall I begin...

50. Demi Moore in Indec...